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Who Can Use A+

Professional Firms
Small Business
Professional Firms


Chances are you're entrusting the running of your business to an office manager. We've found that there are many office managers who are great with the many duties required to run the office, but need assistance to operate financial programs efficiently. Some small businesses lack the accounting skills necessary to prevent large write-offs for uncollected receivable accounts. We've met doctors who have had to write off thousands of dollars because their staff did not follow up on insurance and Medicaid/Medicare bills. They didn't file the claims on time or properly, they didn't follow up on account receivables, and so the doctors lost revenue — a lot of revenue! Let us review your accounting system and make certain that your financials are accurate.


"A+ Accounting Inc. has performed my accounting work for the past 3-1/2 years, providing profit and loss statements, expense reports, and various other financial reports that I need to operate my law practice. Ms. Jenkins has always been very thorough and timely in the preparation of the reports. She has also reminded me about submitting the proper documents to the N.M. Taxation and Revenue Department and the U.S. Treasury Department. She really keeps track of her client's needs. Ms. Jenkins is a gem." — Marcia Lubar, Attorney at Law Marcia E. Lubar & Associates Albuquerque, New Mexico

Small Business and Sole Proprietors


Are your State and Federal taxes filed timely and correctly? Does anyone in your company know how to set up or understand QuickBooks for New Mexico? Maybe you're so successful that you simply don't have time to keep up with paper work and computer details. Depending on the size and activity of your company, we usually can identify any major problems areas in our introductory visit. A+ ACCOUNTING INC. can then "clean up" your accounting records. Once we have diagnosed the problems, we can set up and reconcile your accounts so you have an accurate accounting system. We can train your staff to use it and then monitor their work, or we can do the accounting at your office or ours on a regular basis. You won't have to hire another part-time or full-time employee and can save on overhead costs. As a sole-proprietor, you may want to do the accounting for yourself, but need help getting started or may have a few specific questions. If you are manually doing your bookkeeping to save time and money, now is the time to consider an easier and more efficient way to account for your business. We can set up and do the accounting for you, then provide the monthly financials for you to effectively manage and run your business. For those businesses that have their accounting system in place, but need assistance regarding specific quick questions, call us! Or have us come out to your place for a service visit to fix the problem. Or call us when you have a large project and are short-staffed.





Maybe your employees prefer not to travel to your clients' sites, maybe someone's on maternity leave or sick or on vacation. We can fill in as skilled temporary accountants. You won't have to hire another part-time or full-time employee and can save on overhead costs. Call us when you have a large project or short-staffed.

A+ Accounting inc can do your write-ups


We review, analyze, and reconcile all the financial details for you. We can provide the same efficient, accurate accounting services and write-up work for your clients. We can go on-site to your client, with confidentiality, and bill directly to your client or through your firm. We'll organize and set up your clients' manual and computer systems, back up their computer files, and come in on a monthly or as-need basis to keep everything current.

"A+ Accounting lets me focus on running my business rather than on record keeping. And because of their expertise and professionalism, I know my accounting is done right. Best of all, I pay only for those services I need. A+ Accounting has been a lifesaver for my small business."

 — Robert Harley, Owner
Albuquerque, New Mexico 

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